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About Spot On Savings

About Us @ Spot On Savings

Spot On Savings is the exciting outcome of my many years working in marketing with a passion for community fundraising.

Promotional offers have been used successfully as a way of attracting new customers and repeat business by many restaurants, recreational activity centres, takeaway food outlets and shops as well. These businesses have recognised that offering customers an incentive to visit is a great way to generate revenue.

At the same time, consumers, like you and I, are ever more likely to look for discount codes and offers that will help us save money.

At Spot On Savings, we want to support you, our public, but we want to support local business as well. Best of all we want to support the community by helping schools, sports teams and community groups raise much-needed funds.

This is what makes Spot on Savings different. For every Spot on Savings App Membership bought and every subscription that is taken out, we make a donation to a good cause of your choice. Each year we will hand over thousands of pounds to the local community.

So, consumers benefit from great money saving deals and local businesses benefit from more customers coming through their doors. Furthermore, the local community benefits from the additional funds raised that are then used to support their own aims and plans.

With Spot on Savings, everyone is a winner.

About Us @ Spot On Savings